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Original country music at it’s most exhilarating, climatic void of existence. Black hole sun. Sorry, Pistol Hill is no longer around. We love country music, we love sonic vibrations, we love lovin’, but there’s no lovin’ here, sorry.

Country music, up on the hill, country music hill, pistol hill, the pistols’ hill, country music pistol hill, it’s crumbled, warshed down, mud slide, still love there though, just not here, no love here. You want country music? You came to the wrong place, sorry, well, not really, it’s out of our country control. Country music is still a thing though, somewhere, so I’m sure you’ll find it though if ya keep on a truckin’… thanks for coming by though!

What does country music mean? can’t tell you here because there isn’t any. And you kinda need some to talk about it, to show ya, ya know. Maybe next time though, you can always try again later! Maybe we’ll be here later! then again, who knows what’ll happen next, after all, it was here, but now it’s gone… just like another country song, gone… up in smoke? maybe, maybe not… gone with the wind? gone daddy gone? Tuesday? what day is it? it doesn’t matter because it’s probably not going to be here anyways.

In the meantime, if you love good music be sure to check out or