Biography of Pistol HIll

In just a few years Pistol has written well over 500 songs, Won two songwriting awards, and has had the pleasure to open up for the likes of Edwin McCain, Travis Tritt, David Cook, Richard Marx, James Otto and many, many more. On his own bills Pistol is playing close to 200 shows a year across the North and South Carolina region.

Pistol Hill is an independent country artist born in 1994, Shelby North Carolina. Growing up in an area known for its bluegrass and Appalachian rock, Pistol saw many musicians around him fall in love with the nature of the local genre. Despite the trends in the area, Pistol’s heart and ear pulled him elsewhere.

At the age of 12 Pistol’s brother gave him his first guitar. When asked about his first experiences with playing music, Pistol tells that the first 20 songs he learned were those of his own. His brother taught him the chords to a Lynyrd Skynyrd tune, while he picked them up easy, he never played the song for 3 months after he learned them.  Pistol was immediately drawn to create new things with those chords and those first 20 songs were original.

After two years of writing and playing Pistol began performing his originals at local venues. It was easy to find him for the next couple years in his hometown and surrounding areas. Any open mic that he could get to, or any coffee shop that would allow him to get on a mic and play he was at. Through this, Pistol networked fast developing amazing connections and gaining support from the various, experienced musicians that surrounded him.

All throughout high school Pistol started professing his love on stage for the Texas music scene. His shows were commonly full of songs from his favorite artist at the time, such as Cross Canadian Ragweed. He did not make the full switch to country until he was 18 though.

Upon dropping out of Appalachian State University at the age of 18, Hill took off to Greenville, South Carolina where he found his new audience. Playing in bars and scraping by while bumming a room from his brother, Pistol was able to experiment with his talent and define himself within the country genre.

Pistol Hill is evolving into a solid independent country music artist. Join Pistol Hill and the Creative Pistol Team in taking this music to the next level. The music is FREE or pay what you want, you may also donate to received exclusive Pistol Perks. The people involved are genuine and the story has just begun. Here’s to the journey!